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The Important of GEAR RATIOS.

Choosing right GEAR RATIOS contributes to extraordinary cycling performance.

Bicycle gear ratio is the ratio of front chainring size to rear sprocket size. In simple words, it means how many times the rear wheel spins every full rotation of the pedals (cranks).

A lower gear ratio allows pedaling force to be transmitted more directly; whereas a higher gear ratio could propel the bicycle to go farther with the same quantity of motion (pedal rotations). Gear ratios affect power output and the ease of starting, which corresponds to cyclist’s technique of allocating muscular power and endurance.

When designating bike gears, human, bike, environment, and the use of bike are crucial factors. First of all, bicyclist ought to understand his/her pedaling power. Regarding to selecting the appropriate size of gears, it is based on both bike frame and chainline. Furthermore, depending on the evaluation of terrain, the required force and cadence range will vary. Other important criteria are the intend purposes of cycling and how much you load on the bike. They should be concerned since the intensity of activities and power output might differ.

According to above-mentioned factors, make a comprehensive consideration and choose the optimal ratios to boost your athletic performance.

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