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Every heart binds together

weaving a classic eternity that can be passed down in the centuries

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Khorde means rope in ancient Greek, and it also means that the heart is tightly tied together.

We uphold the people-oriented design philosophy , advocate and implement that furniture must improve the quality of life. In the process of developing products, I have thoroughly studied the needs of special ethnic groups and discovered various difficulties in their lives. I hope that through our actions, they can make them less difficult and everyone should enjoy life. right.
In addition to human considerations, the environment is also our concern. As a member of this short-lived planet, we have the responsibility of maintaining and sustainable resources. Therefore, we use environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled and reused. 

Take a break at the right time and return home to enjoy life. Home is the foundation of everything, a haven to accompany you through difficult times, and a place full of countless memories. And we are eager to fold and store all your upsets through furniture, forging an indulgent comfort, and weaving a classic eternity that can be passed down through the centuries.

KHORDe Living makes furniture not only furniture, they will be a part of the family.

Brand Story

Design Philosophy






Design Concept


Through the years, we has maintained a strong focus on preserving Danish design classics while continuing to expand our collection to represent influential new designers.


Our goal is to recreate traditional chair design characteristics with modern technology .  We want to bring the simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship into modern spaces . 

During every step of the design and production process, we are working to help us care for people and for the planet : we use responsibly-sourced materials which can be recycle and reuse . 

Design Philosophy

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