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The NEXT Generation of E-bike is coming!

The Innovation Root

Empower creates innovative bicycle drivetrain systems, which will empower you to boost your athletic performance.

The gears of Empower Full Range Gear Box (FRGB ) is nearly perfect. Followed by our design philosophy, the FRGB offers choices that fit in full gear range and further creates a lighter and simpler version of gearbox for bikes in different gear ranges.


The proposal without compromise

The graph on the right demonstrates some commonly used bike transmissions on the market. As we can see from the diagram, whether is the low gear range causing cycling limits or inappropriate gear steps effecting shifting power, each transmission isn’t capable of fully satisfying the demand of E-Cargo and E-gravel. However, the Full Range Gear Box by Empower overcomes all the defects.

Empower Full Range GearBox is an evolution wireless e-shifting gear box that has 20 effective speeds* with steady ±14.x% gear step in every shift** and over 1200% overall gear ratio***. It can bears high torque of power in/out-put and capable for every drivetrain****, with low maintenance that covers extensive uses of bikes.


* refer to the effective speeds in sequential shifting logic, speeds of deurallier system may be far less than expectation.

**general deurallier system will vary from ±8% to ±50% in every speed of one set.

*** the overall gear range of general deurallier system is under 500%.

****most recommendation drivetrain to FRGB are shaft drive and belt drive.


The Advance of Electronics

As a second-mover who breaks into the market during e-shifting era, electronic shifting, wireless control, and speed display are standard equipment of our product. Furthermore, it is also ready for self-generated electricity. In the near future, we believe we can provide a better experience and service for e-bike cyclists with advanced features as safety in neutral and shifting to drive gear automatically.


The convenience of use

The Empower gearbox is a fully enclosed system that protects key moving parts, and could operate well under different circumstances.


No need to worry about the splash and corrosion by mud, water, snow and salt; unexpected hits by rocks won’t stop the system from operating.


The Empower gearbox is durable and designed for overcoming constant challenges. No need for frequent maintenance or adjustments.


 It is expected to be a dry-lube system, in that case, cleaning with a damp cloth is the only step needed for bike maintenance.

Sync & leverage hybrid power

We have developed our own electricity pedal assist system (EPA). The FRGB is able to perform high transmission efficiency by leverage the output power of a small motor to outstand the performance of an extensive one .

We are hoping to take advantage of the leverage concept to ease the burden of e-bikes. Reducing the motor output power brings a further-distance trip with more power saving, giving you the option of equipping with a smaller and lighter battery under regular riding conditions.

Our expectation is that EPA is not a liability of bikes; instead, it is a labor of love when cycling.


About Us

As E-cargo and E-gravel have become the mainstream of E-bike,  gear ratios and shifting experience are essentials to be focused on.

From carrying heavy duty with low gear ratio to long distance cycling with high ratio, E-cargo and E-gravel need stable gear steps to avoid the power gap while shifting, causing negative effects on your athletic performance. 

A high reliable, low maintenance, safe and neat powertrain system is required to improve the overall cycling experience. 

Empower gear drive is an individual product brand under the innovative RD start-up design brand, INNORADIA. It is jointly established by bicycle backbone enterprises from Taiwan. INNORADIA integrates practical experience, sports science, strategic design planning, and electronic engineering integration to develop the bicycle drivetrain systems. Through our brand-new drivetrains and key components, we will empower you to boost your athletic performance.

The bicycle world is constantly rolling. Besides, the journey of exploring the unknown has started. Come join us and make history together. 


Contact Us

All forms of collaboration and integration would be welcomed.
Please contact us if you have any further queries.

Empower Gear-Drive

TAX ID: 54891009

T: +886 4 2671 1221
F: +886 4 2671 1668

No. 81-2, Wenqu Rd. , Dajia Dist.,
Taichung City 437 , Taiwan

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