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Go Beyond Limits.

You Can Just Racing , We're Here.

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"We are natural adventurers."

Even if there are plenty of challenges and obstacles in our way, we are fearless​ and going forward with no doubts.


"Never accept the compromise alternatives."

Think out of the frame. Never compromise on anything.


"Power on and go beyond limits."

Always full of energy and strive for the superiority.

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It's a Revolution.

Gaining Cycling Knowledge Without Pain

Except from basic knowledge, we have been compiling various sorts of topics about bicycle here. The contents would be beneficial to all the cyclists who want to surpass themselves. Come and immerse yourself in the cycling world created by Empower.

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"The Important of GEAR RATIO."

Choosing right GEAR RATIOS contributes to extraordinary cycling performance...

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"Can cycling be more unstrained with a wider range of gear ratio?"

Imagine if it is unnecessary to concern the TOTAL CAPACITY of derailleur...

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"What is GAIN RATIO?"

By applying GAIN RATIO, cyclists could estimate and compare their athletic performance on different...

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Gearbox frame

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

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"Is it possible to have the transmission system with 1200% gear range?"

If it is possible to go beyond the existing GEAR RANGE, can the transmission...

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If you are willing to discover more about our products, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to resolve your doubts.

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